Club AGM January 2020

28th January 2020 and club members elect a new committee to see us through our 32nd year

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Who's What in the new Committee

Seated (left to right):
Club Secretary: Graham MacDonald.
Past President: John McGlade.
Our 2020 President: Derick Woods.
Vice President: John McKegney.
Hon Treasurer: Nigel Semple.
Standing (left to right):
Website / Press Officer: Mike Turner.
Club Photographer: Ken Parkes.
Speakers Sub Committee Chair: Des Moore.
Second Vice President: Des Johnston.
Welfare Officer: Norman Gallagher.
Social / Catering Sub Committee Chair: Eric Fulton.

Lets get ready for a new committee and a new Probus year!
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The club was once again very pleased to have Jim Carrigy, the Coleraine Rotary President, join us for the AGM and in particular, supervising the Elections.

The new Club Committee has several 'new faces' in the line-up, perhaps bringing some new ideas to the club? Maybe you too could think about helping the committee over the next year or two?

Jim Carrigy was standing in for our Rotary Club Liaison Officer, Liam Hickey, who had only recently been discharged from hospital - we all wish you a speed return to full health Liam, and we're looking forward to seeing you at the club sometime soon.
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Sitting comfortably? let's take a look at some photos….
*Note: If the slides are moving to fast for you, hover the ‘mouse pointer’ over the photo, and that stops the automatic change.
Archetypon Organizer
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(Thanks as ever to "Ken's Kamera" for a lot of the shots here, plus your WebEd for some 'extra snaps')

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