Club AGM January 2019

29th January 2019 and club members elect a new committee to see us through our 31st year

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Who's What in the new Committee

Seated (left to right):
Events and Catering Chairman: Joe Alcorn
Hon Treasurer: Nigel Semple
President: John McGlade
Hon Secretary: Graham MacDonald
Past President and Speakers Sub Committee Chairman: Des Moore

Standing (left to right):
Website and Press Officer: Mike Turner
Vice President and Assistant Treasurer: Derick: Woods
Assistant to Speaker and Social Sub Committees: Eric Fulton
Welfare Officer: Cecil Spotten
Accounts Examiner: Graham Kane
Photography Officer: Ken Parkes
2nd Vice President: John McKegney

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So lets take a look at some photos….
*Note: If the slides are moving to fast for you, hover the ‘mouse pointer’ over the photo, and that stops the automatic change.
Archetypon Organizer
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(Thanks as ever to "Ken's Kamera" for a lot of the shots here, plus your WebEd for some 'extra snaps')

Eyes Down, and lets get ready for a new committee and a new Probus year!
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