Club AGM January 2018
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Our 2018 AGM Photo and Short Report Page

(full minutes and summery of the year available later)

Introducing the Committee…

Committee members for 2018: (Standing, Left to Right) Ken Parkes, Photos/Press Sub Committee; Reggie Patterson, Club Music Master; Des Johnston, Interim Vice President; Cecil Spotten, Welfare Officer; Eric Fulton, 2nd Vice President; Malcolm Hinds, Assistant Secretary; Joe Alcorn, Social Sub Committee.
(Seated, Left to Right) Graham Kane, Accounts Examiner; Mike Turner, Past President; Des Moore, President; Liam Hickey, Rotary Club Liaison Officer; Graham MacDonald, Secretary.
Unavoidably missing from our committee photo above, are Club Treasurer Nigel Semple (below left) and Assistant Treasurer Derick Woods (below right)
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A New President for Coleraine Probus

The 2018 Coleraine Probus Club AGM brought some changes to the Committee, with new members standing for some of the posts and, thankfully, others remaining in the vital posts of Secretary and Treasurer. The well-attended AGM received reports covering club meetings and activities, as well as finance. The current 'Aussie Flu' bug struck club Treasurer Nigel Semple at the very last minute, and the Assistant Treasurer Derick Woods, was also unable to attend - hence missing from the photo - financial matters then had to be dealt with by the Accounts Examiner, Graham Kane.

Following an excellent roundup of the past year's meetings and current membership by Graham MacDonald and a farewell report from the retiring President, Rotary Club Liaison Officer Liam Hickey took the chair for the new committee elections. The members warmly welcomed the new President, Des Moore to the post for the 2018 / 2019 club year - a significant year in the club's history as this will be the 30th anniversary of the founding of Coleraine Probus, and there will definitely be some special events to mark this club milestone.

After the reports, elections and speeches, members made their way to the Lodge Hotel for a 'Post AGM' informal lunch and the chance to discuss what they would like to do to mark the club's 30 birthday. The Lodge was an apt venue for that discussion, as it was in the very same place, that in 1988 the club held it's inaugural meeting.

Let's take a look at the meeting via 'Ken's Kamera'

Archetypon Organizer
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*Well done 'Kens Kamera'
for the great photos