The club celebrates it's 30th Birthday

The Club members and guests take their seats ready for the celebrations to begin

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Coleraine Probus celebrates a BIG birthday

No, not Norman's 100th this time, but our Club's 30th
On Tuesday 11th December, the club hosted a special Celebratory Lunch at the Lodge Hotel here in Coleraine. It was at the Lodge Hotel, back in 1988, that the club was first set-up with around twenty initial members. Over the years the membership has increased and is now limited to sixty, making it one of the largest individual clubs in Ireland (some towns prefer to have two or three or even more clubs, with a smaller membership).
For the 'Birthday' celebrations, the club invited the Presidents of the five nearest neighbouring clubs - Portstewart; Ballymoney (both clubs); Portballintrae and Limavady. Donald Hill and Alistair Kinghan provided the entertainment and there were many of the Club 'Past Presidents' on call to enjoy the lunch AND the special '30th Anniversary Cake' provided by Des and Violet Moore, our current President.
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Tuesday 11th December, 2018 - Coleraine Probus invite members and special guests to their 'Celebratory Lunch and Concert'.

Our Special Guests and notable members attending:
Jim Carrigy, Coleraine Rotary President.
Ray Robinson, Coleraine Rotary Treasurer.
Liam Hickey, Coleraine Rotary Liaison Officer, with Maura Hickey.
Mike Glover, Ballymoney Probus President, with Caroline Glover,
John Ramsey, Ballymoney Riada Probus President, with Rosaleen Ramsey.
Les Duthie, Portballintrae Probus President.
Chris Batten, Portballintrae Probus Secretary.
John Pudney, Limavady Probus President, with Lorna Pudney,
Sam McConnell, Portstewart Probus President (2018-19)
Charles Babington, Portstewart Probus Secretary.
Alistair Kinghan, Pianist extraordinary
Donald 'The Voice' Hill, Superb Singer

2018 - 2019 Coleraine Committee:
Des Moore, Coleraine President with Violet,
Graham MacDonald, Coleraine Secretary with Jean
Nigel Semple, Coleraine Treasurer, with Anne
Malcolm Hinds, Assistant Secretary
Derick Woods, Assistant Treasurer, with Tenia
Ken Parkes, Photographer and Press
Eric Fulton, Speakers Sub Committee, with Marion
Des Johnston, Quiz Master and Presidential support, with Irene
Unique member attending: Norman Irwin, 30 years a member, and he didn't join until he was 70!!!

PLUS - Past Presidents:

Leo Dolan (1994-95) with Teresa
Jim Hillis (1997-98)
Cecil Leitch (2000-01)
Bob McIvor (2003-04)
John Leslie (2004-05)
John McHenry (2005-06) with Maureen
Reggie Patterson (2006-07)
Ian Murray (2007-08) with Miriam
Joe Alcorn (2008-09) with Pat
Dermot Jennings (2009-10)
John Ludlow (2011-12) with Edith
Graham Kane (2013-14) with Jo
Gordon Ward (2014-15) with Liz
John Graham (2015-16) with May
Jim Archer (2016/17) with Ella
Mike Turner (2017-18) with Christine

PLUS - THIRTY other Members and Guests - Sorry, we just haven't the space to mention you all, but offer a big "THANK YOU" for helping to make our 30th 'Birthday' such a memorable and enjoyable 'Celebratory Lunch and Concert'.
So lets take a look at some photos….
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(Thanks as ever to "Ken's Kamera" for a lot of the shots here, also thanks to John McKegney and your WebEd, for some 'extra snaps')