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The website has now a growing collection of informal photos of members and guests attending our regular meetings, special occasions and the club lunches. These are just right, as they show what a friendly, enjoyable and interesting club we are!
Currently, the majority of photos are being provided by 'Ken's Kamera', with additional helpings served up by John McKegney, (President) Des Moore and your WebEd. If any other members cares to send us a snap or four, they would be very well received!

"Raise a Smile" for Probus Members…

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And here's a little extra from Ken

A Man Goes Into a Bar…
A man goes into a bar and orders three pints of stout. He takes the three pints to a table and takes a sip from the first, then the second, then the third. After the three pints are finished he goes back to the bar and orders three more pints and again takes a sip from the first, then the second, then the third.

He becomes a regular at the bar and each night the same thing. After a few weeks the bartender who is really curious asks why? The man explains that he is one of three brothers. The other two left Coleraine to go to Australia and America. "We all do this as a symbol that we are all together" he says.

Then one night the man comes in and orders two pints. Again he sips from the first pint, then the second, then back to the first, then to the second. Everyone in the bar is silent! When the man goes back to the bar for another round, the bartender not knowing what else to say offers the man his condolences. The man replies – “No, we are all okay. – but I decided to stop drinking!”
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Club members visit Whitehead Railway Museum

To take a look at our visit photos, just ‘Click’ the Train below below:-
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The new committee for our 31st Year

To take a look at our 2019 AGM photos, just ‘Click’ the Committee below:-
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30 Years of Coleraine Probus

To take a look at our 1988 - 2018 'Birthday Party', just ‘Click’ the photo of some of our 'Presidents' below:-
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Norman has a BIG Birthday

To read something about Norman's special surprise birthday treat, and take a look at some photos, just ‘Click’ the image below:-
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The Summer visit to the Ulster Gliding Club

To read something about our Summer visit, and take a look at some photos, just ‘Click’ the image below:-
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The 2018 Club Quiz and Lunch

To read about our 2018 Quiz then Lunch, and take a look at some photos, just ‘Click’ the image below:-
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Club members are trying out The Lodge Hotel for their 'end of month' lunch…

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To take a look at our 2018 AGM, and an informal lunch after, just ‘Click’ the image below:-
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Why not take a look at our EXPANDED page for the Christmas Concert and Lunch, ‘Click’ the image below:-
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Take a look at our ‘End of Spring Session Quiz and Lunch’ photos, just ‘Click’ the image below:-
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Here are some of John McKs and Ken Ps meeting photos:-
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And a photo pile to ‘sort it yourself’ from February meetings and lunch:-
As you can see, we've just dropped in a bunch of snaps for you to sort through. If you 'click' on the photo with the RED FRAME (Top Left of pile), it will expand to view better. You can then 'click' on the 'Forward' or 'Back' arrows ( ' >' or '< ' ) to move through the photo pile. Why not have a go now!?!?
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If you have a few minutes in hand, why not take a look at what Club Member Ian Murray has to smile about…
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