Helping People to help themselves


Helping people to help themselves in Itaperuçu, Paraná, Brazil

Here are the 'Snippets'…

Brazil is quite a large country, in fact the whole island of Ireland could fit into the area covered by Brazil 125 times.

World Bank defines Poverty as:
Poverty - a person living on less than $US 3.10 per day (£2.39 UK)
Extreme Poverty - person living on less than $US 1.90 per day (£1.46 UK)

In December 2018 the World bank estimated that 25% of Brazil's population were in 'poverty' and 7.4% of these in 'extreme poverty'

Itaperuçu, is in the province of Paraná. The Population is 20,000 approx. And the town is at an altitude of 1,000+ meters

The highest mountain in all of Ireland is 'Carrauntoohill' it stands at 1,038.6 metres. It is in County Kerry, and is the central peak of the MacGillycuddy's Reeks,

The highest mountain in Brazil is Pico da Neblina (Mist Peak) and stands at 2,995.3 metres

The map below shows just where in Brazil the town of Itaperuçu is.

And below that, the photos…
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Below are some slides from the talk about John and Phyllis' visits to Itaperuçu, Paraná.
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