Speaker for 3rd December 2019

President Dr John McGlade greets Jennifer Gault, with Second Vice President John McKegney (R) and new(ish) club member, George Butler (L)

Coleraine Probus meet a 'Parish Nurse'

The President, John McGlade, welcomed members to the meeting on a sunny winter morning, and introduced our speaker, Jennifer Gault, on a very unusual topic “The Parish Nurse”?

Jennifer is a registered nurse and health visitor, who is employed for ten hours per week (but works for a lot more, without a doubt - WebEd) as a Parish Nurse by Limavady Methodist Church. Currently the post is currently funded by the 'Rank Trust', as a grant to the Limavady Church. As such she works with people of all ages and backgrounds, and those with or without faith. This scheme is a new (to Northern Ireland) idea, and is strictly NOT to be confined to only one faith.

As a Parish Nurse, Jenifer can simply give moral support during a medical crisis; give general health advice and educating for health, or help by signposting people to various support or medical services. Other important roles include clarifying medical procedures or issues, or simply listening. A Parish Nurse focuses on the person rather than just a specific medical condition. Importantly they can help prevent hospital re-admissions by following up people who have been discharged from care, are at risk, or have early signs of health problems.

During critical times the Parish Nurse can train or co-ordinate volunteers to provide extra support in combating loneliness or anxiety. Exercise and healthy nutrition are promoted and young people are encouraged to understand the dangers of unhealthy behaviour. Jennifer reminded us that we all have a calling or gift, that can be offered to the community.

The idea of the 'Parish Nurse' is has recently been taken up by the Agherton Parish, and it seems that it could be adopted by other Parishes - now that's a thought for a topic of conversation with the tea and biscuits after the service on Sunday isn't it?!


After Jennifer Gault's inspiring talk on the 3rd December, some members showed an interest in the subject. She would be very willing to meet with any Church or other group, to give a talk on “The Parish Nurse” and give advice on the mechanics and funding ideas for setting up such a scheme.

Jennifer can be contacted via,

Email at - jennifer.gault@irishmethodist.org
Mobile phone on - 0792 662 2210